Aerial Photo & Filming Professionals

Our professional aerial (drone) filming combined with our talented and skilfully inventive knowledge of software editing and animation, come together to create commercials that will captivate and excite you and more importantly, your client base. Get noticed and excel in your directive to increase your market share and success in your industry. With Motley Media you will be able to capture and display the true grandeur of any size project, which can allow your business to grow more effectively.



As shown in the clips to the right, we are that confident with our drones and our flying, launching off boats and flying over water to capture and glamorize an event is no issue. Our Skill with drones (admittedly) comes from years of playing with RC toys from an early age, that being said, it has now propelled Motley Media in to one of the top Aerial photography and filming companies in Sydney. With Motley Media, literally, the sky is no limit.



Aerial filming can be included in many aspects of the industry so pricing can be difficult to quote. We won't be able to accurately quote you until we know exactly what type of project you require our aerial service for, so please contact us via our Contact Us page or by calling 0410710785.

Meadowbank Project for Zipclad. one of Australias fastest growing cladding companies due to their innovative and efficient construction. They chose us as their media company for our superior commercial and aerial production

Confidence to fly over water, launching off and landing on boats, for the full effect.


If you're interested in Motley Media creating a comprehensive commercial with  location filming and capture with drone, plus complete editing which includes 3D animation of logo and titles.


Complete commercial services

start from ,,, $1500



If you have already booked Motley Media

to capture a full days event (Wedding or function), the price is dramatically reduced as we are already committed to creating a product and the drone is simply being added to the service.


Adding drone footage to existing packages starts from ... $350



If you think our aerial service can benefit you in any way, please feel free to call and discuss your ideas directly or go to the "contact us" page and send us an email. We're always happy to discuss opportunities.