A bride and groom as they sign their wedding certificate
A bride and groom being showered in confetti as they leave from their wedding ceremony
a couple standing in front of alter at church
An indian couple seated and about to exchange vows during their wedding ceremony

Ceremony  Photo  Package


2 hour package


The Ceremony Package is the definition of elegance in simplicity.

Designed for 'One location' weddings : We start with the capture of the entire ceremony and all its traditions, immediately after we take guest photos with family and friends. Finally we spend some time to capture a few intimate photos of the Bride & Groom.


A selection of approximately 150 photos are uploaded on a

private (password protected) link on our website so you may

share with family and friends around the world.


All photos are in high resolution and are provided on a USB stick.

Turnaround time on completion is 2 weeks.