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Commercial Media

The Commercial Media section of Motley Media has been the fastest growing above all. We believe it's because our unique cinematic vision on concepts is used by our clients to successfully generate income. Our diverse knowledge of marketing techniques has allowed us to provide services for a broad spectrum of businesses who are all at the top of their industries. Below are just a few of the companies that use Motley Media services.


Commercial Media comes in many forms and each has a unique way of accessing a larger market (or defining a niche market) depending on your goal. Motley Media can help you define the specific purpose of what you are trying to achieve and then create the corresponding media. With our versatile use of cinematic equipment and graphic design we can accomplish what you set to achieve.


People mistake the idea of Commercial Media being just commercials when there is really so much more aspects of it.


For example, gathering your top clients to make a compilation of testimonial videos is a powerful tool for websites or in-house display. You're not directly making a commercial of what you do, rather just the satisfaction of the results of your product or service.


Another example would be to arm your sales agents with iPads and rather than just using them for the contract aspect, videos of your product or service in action (or) a virtual tour of your facilities can provide potential customers with the security of visual confirmation, helping your sales agents close more deals and increase their hit ratio.


Just to list a few of the types of videos

that Motley Media can produce

for you business


*   Testimonials

*   Sales Assistance

*   Product

*   Promotional

*   Training

*   Social Media


Because of the notion that most people on commercial media, the more popular video on the list is a promotional video.


Whether you're a band trying to promote your album or live shows (see our Music / Band page) or a Personal trainer who wants you character , routine and proof of results to promote your business, Motley Media is the team to call.


Every package is uniquely different in Equipment necessary, time spent on filming, time on editing, pre-planning marketing, post production etc.

This being the case, we tailor a price to every individual project,

call for a quote today.


The Hnr. Chief Justice Michael Kirby

testimonial for William Roberts Lawyers


Time-Lapse filming of construction

for Every Trade Services

a collage of company logos that Motley Media have completed work for


Promotional Website Content Clips

for Mustang Moments

Social Media Social media (when used strategically over time) is the most powerful form of marketing and market research the world has ever seen. But it’s not a magic bean that grows overnight into business success. It’s a platform for real work. ...and this is where Motley Media comes in. Using our own YouTube channel as an example. With less than 40 videos uploaded we've managed to gain over 1.8 million views and almost 4000 subscribers. That is roughly (on average) 3700 more subscribers and 1.7 million more views than most companies that are in the same industry and demographic How you ask? We offer specialized editing to suit all platforms and guidance on how to reach a larger portion of the market you're aiming for. Call today and find out how we can help.


One of our Promo clips for

Fitness Oz Express