Fantasy Photoshop - $549

With our photo-shop mastery at your imaginations disposal. This package includes 2 hours of shooting at a location of your choice. When the photo session is complete, we take the photos into post-production for 7 days and turn them into the fantasy scenes that will have been discussed in the inital pre-shoot meeting / phone conference. There are some limits to what we can do with this package as the time and process that goes into the production is limited. The aim is to get 3-5 photos that are perfect for manipulation and the reality can be transformed into the fantasy that you have percievede. You still receive the rest of the photos taken during the shoot but we only add the fantasy to 3-5 photos. From a dream - to conscious imagination - to reality Want to be a Wicked Witch? Cartoon Princess? Angelic Demon? Demonic Angel? or you want to look like your performing in front of a crowd of thousands... This package makes the impossible possible. Call today for a consultation on possibilities