Gold Video  Package

10 hour package


With the Gold Package we organise the time so your 'one' cameraman can start with the morning preparations and capture both the Bride & Groom. This allows us to catch the intimate family moments plus the fun while brides maids and grooms men help with preparation. The capture continues with the filming of the entire ceremony and all its traditions. Immediately after we take guest photos with family and friends. We then spend some time at new locations to capture the bridal party and some intimate photos of the Bride & Groom.


We then move on to the celebrations, filming the formal entrance to speeches, cutting of the cake and the first bridal dance. The latest finish time of the Gold Package is 10pm, which leaves the last couple of hours to spend some intimate time with guests.

Flower Bouquet
We will create a 45sec - 60sec trailer that you can make available to family and friends or whoever you choose on our Password Protected Gallery The Gold Pack includes a 5 min (music video style) short version of the entire day, edited to music of your choice. Your Full version, also edited to music of your choice and using the latest in editing styles and software is made available for collection with the short version on a USB flash-drive. $1800.oo