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Here at Motley Media, we love everything about music. Especially when we get to work with talented musicians. We can cater for everything from simple to elaborate photo shoots, graphic design for posters and album cover design, live concert filming and photography, promotional videos and last but definitely not least. Create film-clips for any type of song or genre you can throw at us.


A brilliant Sydney band that somehow came across a Wedding intro clip of ours and saw the potential. They knew then that they had to have us do their promo clip.

Clip 3- We were blown away when Masterpiece approached us to do their 1st Promo clip in 15yrs. Wayne Daniels (singer and main man) is a well known FHM & Magazine photographer so the fact that he knew about us was a very humbling experience.. Another satisfied Motley Customer


We met the Raids at our first ever sponsorships, a battle of the bands at Sylvania Hotel. The Duo blew the comp away and won the contest. They moved on to bigger and better winning a trip to Japan through another comp and After someone tried ripping them off they came knocking on our door for help, remembering the work we produced for the B.O.T.B. they asked us to come up with a film clip they could take to Japan. On the condition that I had free reign on the project, we accepted and produced magic for a minimal budget.

After creating a few Promo videos for the girls of Tease Australia, with successful results. We asked them if we could re-edit the footage we had into a film clip for our very own demo song we wanted to release. Carrying the title "The Devils Girl" we though the footage would suit the song perfectly. The bonus is - they were also credited on the song and received much more exposure. Win Win for everyone

group shot of cast & crew: Daniela, Linda (mean girl), Natasha, Shane, Tanja, Andrew, Billi, Tony, Alexandra, Melissa, Nick, Dobre
cover of a girl, half her face is angelic and the other half demonic
sexy legs and through the legs we see the band members lying on the road

Cast & Crew: left to right: Daniela, Linda (mean girl), Natasha, Shane, Tanja, Andrew, Billi, Tony, Alexandra, Melissa, Nick, Dobre (creative director)



Its extremely difficult to create set packages and prices on artistic project as each one, like each band is unique.


PHOTOGRAPHY - Each band has a different number of musicians, with different styles and concepts so the time it will take to complete your project is unique. Promotional Photos start from $220 for the first hour. For a more accurate quote, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to discuss the details with you.


PROMOTIONAL CLIPS - starting from $500

These projects contain mixing of sound, picture and graphics to maximise affect on exposure.


SONG FILM CLIPS - Call today and discuss the aim, Storyboard ideas (if any) etc. We use all sorts of effects including green screens while filming to the latest effects in post production. Feel free to call and discuss any ideas you may have, we'll let you know how it is possible to re-create your imagination.

group shot of the 5 members of AFTERDARK
group shot of the 5 members of AFTERDARK
newspaper wall background and the boys of the band leaning up against it looking drunk
backstage photo of the band causing a little havok with a fire extinquisher
the boys of the band huddled and looking down into the camera
a collage of pics that show a sax player in several poses and a singer in several poses
shot of the girlfriends of the band members
die hard fans of being fans, group of girls in the crowd of a pub gig
two people photoshoped into one person