Real Estate Media Services

   With the increasing influence of the internet, social media and the added pressure of over seas markets, high quality marketing media has never been more important.

   With the evolution of technology comes the evolving style of sales and the Real Estate industry is no exemption.  The introduction of Drones and the continual improvement of High-End digital cameras morphing into cinematic capabilities, the correct marketing of a property has never looked so good. We at Motley Media recognise the trend of videos and have made 3 packages which simplify the process for any level of agent wanting to produce a video for their vendors.

Video Property Commercials

The Simple Pack - $550

This pack includes  filming of the property.

Logo graphics and rolling credits defining the property details and royalty free music over laid - no agent filming or voice dubbing,


The Standard Pack - $880

This pack includes filming of the property with agent intro/outro and voice dubbing defining property details. Logo intro/outro and royalty free music over laid. no drone usage


The Premium Pack - $1550

This pack consists of filming the property (drone use included), filming agent  for intro, key points of the house during the ad and outro. Filming of near by community benefits (schools, shopping etc) plus voice dubbing for continuous detail spiel.  3D logo graphics and royalty free music.

Auction Pack $1100

Short property Intro to auction + logos and effects added.. Royalty free music overlaid where necessary. Filmed with 2 cameras, the footage is then cut and mixed accordingly. Made to dramatise and excite your audience.


 A Property photo pack is still available, we do not limit the amount of photos you receive, we limit the time we spend at the property. A standard shoot goes 30mins & 15mins extra if you request aerial photos


We shoot the property as is, touch up the photos in editing and add blue skys where possible. Its up to the vendor to clean up and move necessary furniture.


Property Photography call out



Drone Photography call out fee