Wedding Packages

Why choose

motley media ?


We understand that your wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life and that you want experienced professionals capturing all the intimate, traditional and special moments of the day without intrusion, yet able to provide helpful guidance when called upon.


   Planning maps out the full day but real life is a series of moments. Knowing and respecting the importance of these moments is what sets us apart from the rest.  Missed moments are painfully priceless as neither time nor money can return them to us. With our experience and pre-wedding consultation, no moment is missed. The moments we capture are timeless and forever appreciated.


So if there is ever a time to choose motley media, the moment is now.

Silouette photo of bride and groom kissing in front of stained glass window
Portrait picture of a smiley happy bride

True to Standards

of expectation



   Dedication to capturing and creating beautiful still and motion pictures is our passion, so as passion persists our standards never sway, only reflect our dedication.


   The passion we carry in our work demands professionalism and further encourages creativity, we are unsatisfied with your satisfaction as we pursue to evoke emotion and overwhelm you with gratification.


   A technical mastery of cameras and software coupled with a deep seeded passion leaves us without style. To define us would only limit us. We become media chameleons and strive to create your dream, not ours.

   From fast, loud, techno weddings to slow, soothing, symphonic weddings, remember its your wedding - your way, our passion is to capture and create.

Helpful Information

Photography Packages

Ceremony Photography Package $395 - picture of bronze wedding rings Silver Photography Package $990 - Picture of silver wedding rings Gold Photography Package $1450 - picture of gold wedding rings Diamond Photography Package $3300 - Picture of Diamond wedding rings

Cinematic Video Packages

Ceremony Filming Package $450 - picture of 2 roses Silver Filming Package $1100 - picture of small bouquet of flowers Gold Filming Package $1800 - picture of a medium bouquet of flowers Diamond Filming Package $3300 - picture of a large bouquet of flowers

Combo Packages + Extras

Gold Photo and Video Combo Package $3000 picture of medium bouquet and gold wedding rings Diamond Photo and Video Combo Package $6000 picture of large bouquet and diamond wedding rings Picture of Bride and Groom Stick figures picture of cartoon bride and groom